Manage Your Brand - Precisely 


Keeping your brand assets consistent across your marketing enterprise is a challenge. Using multiple suppliers for your marketing collateral can often result in mutiple versions of your brand. The result is a dilution of your brand investment !  


As the size and popularity of the organisation grows, it requires an ever-expanding number of people and business resources to support and keep its brand image fresh and appealing. The resources and processes themselves also become more complex. As a result, common issues arise repeatedly and with increasing frequency across corporations. The challenges of managing marketing print campaigns, advertising and your brand are becoming greater all the time.

Inefficiencies with the current communications model heavily impact organisations. Commonly, the marketing budget is wasted on revising existing content, author’s corrections, and inaccessible files.

 Here are just a few of the benefits that improved marketing processes can yield.


 Placing marketing collateral of all kinds under version control enables team members to work in a much more

collaborative manner. Version control also allows you to access any version of the template and include

comments with each version. Virtually any type of template can be saved to popular version control systems

including text documents, source code, and graphics. Consistent use of version control allows more efficient

production and more accurate results.

Implementing a workflow control system coordinates activities across the enterprise, thereby improving cross departmental collaboration.

You can monitor, track, and coordinate the activities that are being performed by

multiple team members in the project team. Though the publishing world is accustomed to workflow concepts, it

may be appropriate now to include other team members such as web developers, deployment specialists,

product managers, and web producers. Ultimately, card card-body-implemented workflow systems can contribute

significantly to improving overall time-to-market and quality marketing campaigns and with lower production


Image repository based systems can significantly increase the re-usability and re-purposing of all digital assets

 Sophisticated design tools let you replicate all creative to multiple users in a secure and transactional



An Efficient Marketing Solution Must Have The Basic Foundations.




1. A Marketing Solution must enable collaboration: The MS must provide the best tools for collaboration

among all users for print, web or email production process.

2. A Marketing Solution must provide flexibility: Every production environment is different. A MS must be

built on extensible, task-oriented components managers and users can easily tailor to their specific


3. A Marketing Solution must simplify integration: Marketing Managers cannot afford to be locked in to a

monolithic platform. Therefore, an MS must provide clean interfaces for integration with other enterprise

software products.

4. A Marketing Solution must ensure performance: A MS must effectively be able to support production

with concurrent users